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Granite State Spice Blends

Wicked Good Bagel

Wicked Good Bagel

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This is our attempt at an everything bagel seasoning done right.  We mix up sea salt, poppy seeds, black and white sesame seeds, coarse onion, and Farmer Palmer's Garlic Rocks into a mix that will add a pop of savory awesomeness to almost anything.  Yep, that's's not just for bagels.

Check out Farmer Palmer online.  He grows all his own hardneck garlic in Concord, NH.  He toasts it, dries it, and turns it into these amazing dehydrated garlic rocks.  You can buy his rocks and other amazing garlic products online and at various local Farmer's Markets in the 603/979 area.  i met Farmer Palmer at the Pelham, NH Farmer's Market and it only made sense that I start using his garlic in my blends.  This is the first blend we've made with the rocks and it won't be the last.

This blend does not use the same type of Kosher salt used in the rest of our blends.  For the Wicked Good Bagel Blend, we use a flake sea salt.  It really gives the blend the flavor profile we were looking for.

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