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Granite State Spice Blends



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A savory blend of herbs, spices, sumac, and wood toasted sesame seeds with a hint of Diamond Crystal Kosher salt to tie it all together.

This Middle East in origin, this spice blend has global popularity and a wide array of uses.  Basically, Za'atar is a condiment, a dip, and a spice blend. There are many variations of Za'atar.  Which one is best is debatable.  We think that's a matter of personal preference.

Ingredients: Thyme, Oregano, Coriander, Sumac, Sesame, Salt, Chili Flakes

Suggested Uses:

  • This could very well be hummus' bestie.  A little olive oil and za'atar on top of a nice homemade hummus and some fresh pita to good.
  • Don't season your food with za'atar and grill over open flame.  You'll burn the seasoning.  Our recommendation for using this as a seasoning is to pan roast, oven roast, or use it as a finishing blend.
  • Rub it on and under your chicken skin before dropping in a hot pan with oil and butter.  Adding oil to the butter will prevent the butter from burning.  Buerre Noisette is delicious but burnt butter is nasty.  Please find a new spice company if you dare to use margarine.  That's not how you should roll.
  • Add it to ground lamb with pulverized pork rinds and lots of lemon and fresh parsley for a keto kofta (this will be a featured recipe soon).
  • Eggs - any style with a little Sriracha....boom....delicious!
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